Welcome to Angklung Web Institute (AWI)! This website is a medium of information exchange about angklung knowledge and competence, especially diatonic angklung in orchestral composition. The Father of Angklung Daeng Sutigna first created the diatonic angklung in 1938. Until now, angklung still has to face many challenges of identity to be acknowledged as one of world’s standard music instruments. One major problem is that there is no firm standard yet in constructing, tuning, forming, playing, and compositing angklung. Another problem is that until today, an angklung music community as a media of education and industrialization of the angklung music hasn’t been founded yet. Through this website we would like to ask you who have a great concern to the development of angklung to pass this piece of information to the world in order to support this developing music instrument. Through this website we would like to convey an angklung-ical activity to an angklung team or community and hopefully someday the industrialization of angklung can be realized. Last, it is our duty to raise our angklung to be appreciated just like the other world’s standard music instruments. Thank you